Warm early morning sun on 30A

September 18, 2013

Quiet mornings with warm sun feed my soul.

And donuts.  They feed my soul too.

Earlier this year, my family and some dear friends spent some time exploring up and down 30A in the Florida panhandle.  And I often spend hours planning our next trip there.  Seriously.  When the weather is gloomy, I just hop on over to my travel spreadsheet and fill in a few cells with travel plans and my spirit is instantly lifted.  I realize I just admitted that I have a travel spreadsheet, but it’s true.  My name is Lisa and I’m a wanderlust.  And a nerd.

While I always do enjoy trying new things and staying in new places, we will most certainly be back to this area of the country, and when we return, the first thing I want to do is grab the biggest, best turkey and avocado grilled cheese from The Meltdown on 30A in Seaside, the most magical food truck on the planet.   Visiting the cutest coffee shop with the best playground at Fonville Press in Alys Beach is something I hope to do at least once a day, followed , of course, by a worthwhile wait in line for one of these delectable donuts.

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