Molly and Peter :: Married

I could write a book about all the different ways that Molly and Peter are extraordinary people.  Really, I could.  Amidst incredibly busy and demanding jobs, they still manage to be exceedingly kind and undeniably cool.  There were so many points during the day that I looked at Jon, my second shooter, and said, “Aren’t they just the best?”  They’re both studying to be doctors and mark my words, they will be the best.  The best. And Molly… well, you’ll see this for yourself, but everything she did was beautiful.  When she laughed, it was beautiful.  When she cried, still beautiful (I am an ugly crier and am quite jealous of a pretty criers of the world). I’m still smiling thinking about this wedding…

statler ballroom wedding_001statler ballroom wedding_003statler ballroom wedding_006

statler ballroom wedding_002statler ballroom wedding_010statler ballroom wedding_009statler ballroom wedding_011statler ballroom wedding_008statler ballroom wedding_012statler ballroom wedding_013

Many years ago when I was in my college photography class, I ventured out to a tree-line pathway downtown during the dead of winter for a project I was working on in my black and white film class.  I loved those images from that scene, and I remember printing way more than was necessary in the darkroom. It was such a treat that Molly and Peter chose that exact location for their wedding photos.

statler ballroom wedding_014statler ballroom wedding_015statler ballroom wedding_016statler ballroom wedding_018statler ballroom wedding_022statler ballroom wedding_023

statler ballroom wedding_024statler ballroom wedding_025statler ballroom wedding_028statler ballroom wedding_029statler ballroom wedding_031statler ballroom wedding_032

The Statler Ballroom is one of my new favorite places for a ceremony.  The architecture is so regal, and the light… I love it.

statler ballroom wedding_037

Paper cranes adorned the ceremony decor and made several tasteful appearances in the reception decor as well.  And all 1.7 million of them were handmade by Molly’s sister.  That number may be a bit of an exaggeration, but there were at least a thousand… now THAT is a dedicated Matron of Honor!

statler ballroom wedding_034statler ballroom wedding_036statler ballroom wedding_039statler ballroom wedding_040

The petals were distributed with extra amounts of cuteness and gusto!

statler ballroom wedding_044statler ballroom wedding_042statler ballroom wedding_041statler ballroom wedding_043statler ballroom wedding_046statler ballroom wedding_045statler ballroom wedding_047statler ballroom wedding_048statler ballroom wedding_050statler ballroom wedding_051statler ballroom wedding_052statler ballroom wedding_053statler ballroom wedding_063statler ballroom wedding_056

I knew Pete could play the guitar and I knew he had been planning a surprise musical performance for Molly… but he’s so stinking humble that I had no idea just how amazing the performance would be.  He sang a Sam Smith song even better than Sam Smith himself.  Way better actually.  Way, way better.

statler ballroom wedding_057statler ballroom wedding_058statler ballroom wedding_059statler ballroom wedding_060

Molly’s father passed away a few years ago, and although he was certainly missed all throughout the day, his voice was still present. Molly’s sister had put together a recording of their father retelling a memory he had of Molly as a little girl, and played the recording before dinner. Not. A. Dry. Eye.

statler ballroom wedding_062statler ballroom wedding_064statler ballroom wedding_065statler ballroom wedding_068statler ballroom wedding_067statler ballroom wedding_066Vendors who made this lovely day possible:  Event Coordination and Design (and paper crane organizing/hanging extrordinaire) :: Katie Saeger Events |  Ceremony and Reception Venue :: Statler Ballroom at the Renaissance Grand St. Louis  |  Hair and Make-up :: Danielle Style – Annie |  Floral :: Tina Barrera, The Special Event Florist  | Paper Prodcuts :: Ten Four Paper

Sarah and Demetrius :: Married

This was the perfect fall day for two people so in love their faces could barely contain their excitement.  If I had to write one sentence to describe my ideal wedding, that might just be it.  It was such a joy to photograph Sarah and Demetrius’s wedding and spend the day documenting so much beauty and love.



Seriously.  How pretty are these two.  So classic and beautiful. 007008009

These guys weren’t having any fun at all.  Not One. Bit.