Summer’s End

So this happened today….




I sent my oldest little boy off to Kindergarten this morning.


It was a little more emotional than I expected.


For the first time in a long time, I felt like the summer just FLEW by WAY too fast. It’s only the middle of August, dang it, and it feels like there should be lots more lazy days spent by the pool ahead of us and many more long nights listening to the chirping cicadas while we watch the sun go down.  But instead, I packed up a backpack and lunch for my little guy today and walked him to a brand new classroom in a brand new school. He was pretty excited.

And honestly, he’s a really great kid, so I know he’s not lamenting time lost at the pool or early bedtime.

But I am.

So today, I’m refusing to let summer be over.  I’m posting a few photos from the 4th of July.  Because, hey, I shoot film, and it takes a while for it to come back.  And I’d like to remember those carefree days just a while longer.






Nicole - Just having you as a bestie is enough for me, but so beautifully capturing our kids on our favorite day of the year makes you even more amazing!!!!

Jennifer - Gorgeous photos, Lisa! 🙂

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