Julie and Ryan :: Engaged

On another beautiful spring evening, I met up with Julie and Ryan at Lafayette Square for their engagement photos. I think you’ll agree; Julie and Ryan look great together :). So looking forward to their wedding later this spring!

How beautiful are Julie’s eyes?

I love Julie’s outfit. I think I may have to go get myself that belt….

Take a look at Ryan’s watch. One of the coolest I’ve ever seen.

And of course, a trip to Lafayette Square would not be complete a visit to my favorite alley. The light there is always so fantastic.

Love this one!  

Catching that last bit of sunlight right before sunset… beautimous.

Christine and Brett :: Engaged

When I first met Christine for coffee, I came right home and told Jon, “I really want to shoot this wedding. I mean, REALLY.”

Christine is the type of bride that photographers hope for… organized, thoughtful, smart, beautiful, personable, detailed… I could go on and on :). And seeing her again for her engagement shoot just confirmed it for; Christine is going to be one fabulous bride :). Christine, Brett, and I walked around the arch grounds earlier this month, chatting about life and weddings and house hunting and everything in between. And along the way, we found some fantastic, soft light.

Many of Christine and Brett’s wedding guests will be coming from out of town, so they wanted to be sure to capture a little bit of St. Louis in their engagement photos for their save the dates, and the arch was the perfect place.  

There’s that sun again.  I’m so happy to have found some flare again.

love the beautiful trees blossoming in the background.

Two of my very favorites!

Christine and Brett, I so enjoyed strolling through the arch grounds with you and I could not be more excited about your wedding this fall!

Beth - LOVING that last shot.

Dennis Bullock - Love the river front Lisa!

Lindsay - I love the picture where they are kissing next to the one side of the arch with the top of the arch in the shot. (the 6th pic down on the left) Can I have one just like that this fall? hehe 😉

Kate and Ben, Part 2

And now more for part TWO of Ben and Kate’s wedding day….

Because they had a good bit of time between the ceremony and reception, Ben and Kate wanted to surprise their wedding party  with a visit to Carl’s Drive Inn. If you’ve not been there, you should go.  For real. I’m serious.  They make their own root beer.  AND, everything smells like grease, but in a good way.

But to insure that everyone’s attire stayed grease-free, Kate had cute little monogramed aprons made for everyone.

Kate’s gift to her bride’s maids were these fabulous handmade necklaces.

The handsome groom.

Kate’s beautiful bouquet from Wildflowers.

I love this shot that Jon grabbed.

The lovely ladies.

There wasn’t a shortage of laughter.

Ok, so when I first met Kate, I was taking her work headshot for her employer’s website.  Right after she introduced herself, she warned me that she was not at all photogenic.  Kate, I think it’s fair to say, you were wrong :).

Another great shot from Jon.

While I was setting up the shot above, Jon was shooting some candids of the wedding party, do think turned out rather fabulous.

One of the great things about having your reception at Moulin is that you have access to the rooftop patio at Vin de Set. It was a bit windy up there, but ladies worked with it.

Ben and Kate, your wedding was such a fantastic way to start off 2010. Much love to you both!

Susan P - you did such a gorgeous job on this wedding!! love all the fun candids 🙂 especially of the bridesmaids in the aviators!

Lynsey T - Gorgeous photos! The bridal party shots look straight out of a magazine. So candid and beautiful!

renee - i am in love. with.every.single.shot.

Kate and Ben, part 1

I try to keep my blog posts as concise as possible so as to not overload your internet browser with large photos, but wow, I just might push myself over my limit on this one.  Kate and Ben’s wedding was so full of love, great details, and joy that I couldn’t possible contain it all in one post, so here you have part 1 of Kate and Ben’s wedding.  Stay tuned tomorrow for part 2.

Beautiful Kate getting ready to walk down the aisle.  Kate’s cousin, who is a professional make-up artist from LA, did such a great job of enhancing Kate’s beauty.

Love these details.  The antique heirloom pins below were the perfect addition to Kate’s bouquet.

If you work in the wedding industry, you know that when you see these ladies, it’s going to be a good day.

Yes, that’s right. Those lovely ladies were from the CupCakery. I’m getting hungry right now just looking at these.

All the ladies and Kate’s community group leader shared a prayer before the big moment.

Love me some Hanley Road :).  This is the church I had my heart set on getting married in myself, but alas, it wasn’t big enough for my enormous guest list :). 

Ben’s parents and sister provided the special music.
I cried.
They were awesome.

Now THIS is an EXIT!  Totally Kate and Ben.

Jon grabbed this shot from the balcony. Love it.  

So during the family formals, Jon is a huge help because he is the keeper of the list.  He gets the groups organized and ready to go, all while keeping us moving quickly and in an orderly fashion.  Kate and Ben’s list of formals was relatively short, so in addition to organizing everything, Jon shot from the side, and I LOVED the way his shots turned out.

One of my favorite details from the wedding… Kate and Ben had each person in their party write a short paragraph about how they knew the bride and/or groom.  I’m certain none of them were true :).  Hilarious, outlandish stories filled up about half of the program and I nearly lost it several times as I read through each story. 

So many favorite photos from this wedding… here’s one of the wedding party to hold you over until tomorrow when I post the rest :).

Jason, one of my all time favorite DJ’s from Millennium Music.  I always know it’s going to be a great night when he’s running the show.

The reception was held at Moulin, which features some of the best open architecture in an urban setting that I’ve seen.  And, um, their food is AH-mazing. The florals and centerpieces were provided by the ever amazing Jane from Wildflowers.

This is always one of my favorite parts of the day… when the bride and groom walk in to the reception and see everyone cheering for them.  I love that Ben and Kate took a moment to take it all in.  I’m sure they were overwhelmed with love from the people who care about them.

Kate’s dad gave such a great speech.

Gets me every time. 

Ben and his mom started their dance off all serious…

But when the Michael Jackson music started playing, they really let loose.

More from this great wedding tomorrow!

Dennis Bullock - Fantastic work as usual Lisa!

Jennifer - Well, I for one am glad you shared the details. What a beautiful job of planning (Kate) and capturing (Lisa)! Truly great to see.

Amber - I am loving those bridemaid dresses!

Kristen - LOVE Moulin and Millenium Events…they all rock! What a great location and amazing shots!!!! Loved this wedding!

Kate and Ben, Part 2 » Lisa Hessel Photography Blog - […] And now more for part TWO of Ben and Kate’s wedding day…. […]

Jason Clyde - Wow, AH-mazing pics Lisa!! Ben and Kate are such an awesome couple, and so fun to be around while working with them. I wish I had gotten to see their whole day like you did, but I enjoyed my time with them at their reception. Thank you so much for your praise (and your blog link to our website!)!! I can’t wait to work with you again – hopefully very soon!

Enjoy your days!

I love me some details

Earlier this spring, I shot a wedding with tons of great details that I just can’t wait to share. Like these beautiful vintage pins that the bride incorporated into her bouquet… LOVE IT!

More to come soon from Kate and Ben’s wedding!

Sarah Marie - I absolutely love those. Super cute.

Kate and Ben, part 1 » Lisa Hessel Photography Blog - […] Love these details.  The antique heirloom pins below were the perfect addition to Kate’s bouquet. […]