I love me some details

Earlier this spring, I shot a wedding with tons of great details that I just can’t wait to share. Like these beautiful vintage pins that the bride incorporated into her bouquet… LOVE IT!

More to come soon from Kate and Ben’s wedding!

Sarah Marie - I absolutely love those. Super cute.

Kate and Ben, part 1 » Lisa Hessel Photography Blog - […] Love these details.  The antique heirloom pins below were the perfect addition to Kate’s bouquet. […]

St. Patrick’s Day Baby :: Little Lucy

Meet Lucy, the adorable little St. Patrick’s Day baby.

I’ve photographed a lot of babies, and I can say without a doubt, Lucy was absolutely the most well-behaved baby ever to pose in front of my camera. Seriously, I was with her for almost an hour and I’m pretty sure she slept the entire time. She’s an amazing baby.

And, um, how beautiful is momma Alex? I almost didn’t believe her when she said she had had a c-section just days before.

See what I mean?  Still sleeping.  And still beautiful.

This makes me happy.

It’s so obvious what a treasure this little girl is to her daddy.  When she grows up, I hope she’ll look at this photo and know how loved she is.

She’s just so precious I can barely stand it.

And there’s those beautiful eyes

Sleep well, Baby Lucy.

MERgetsMRSed - Alex is a coworker of mine, and I had the honor of meeting Lucy the day after she was born. These are amazing photos – you totally caught the love and excitement Alex and Doug have for their new baby!

Carrie and Dan :: Engaged!

One of the things I like best about my job is all the people that I get to meet. When I first met with Carrie to chat about her wedding, our meeting lasted way longer than my typical consultation.  And it wasn’t because she had a complicated wedding.  It was because I didn’t want to stop chatting with her :). We sat at Starbucks, talking about life and designer denim and boys and college and all sorts of things. It was great. I so so so hoped I would be able to shoot Carrie’s wedding because she’s just the type of girl I like to spend the day with, so I was naturally elated when she booked me :).

Then, when I got together with Carrie for the second time, I was meeting her for her engagement shoot. And of course, her fiance Dan was with her. As the three of us walked and talked and stopped here and there for photos, I quietly observed the way Carrie and Dan interacted with each other. They were happy together and comfortable and oh-so-obviously made for one another.  And I’m not just saying that.  They really are great together.  You know those couples who make the other better just by being around the other? Yeah, that’s them. I love observing things like that. It makes me smile every time.

And that got me thinking… If life could be summarized in a graph chart of highs and lows, the period of life when a couple is engaged has got to be one of the highest peaks on that chart. When you’re engaged, you’re living on the cusp of what will surely become your life’s greatest adventure. And that’s such an amazing time of life to revel in. It’s easy to be all about the wedding plans and become so future-minded that the here-and-now is not relished. But as I observed Carrie and Dan, it made my heart smile to see them living in the moment and holding each other now in anticipation of holding each other forever.

So Carrie and Dan, thank you for reminding me how amazing living on the cusp of a great adventure really is. I hope you’ll look back on these photos years from now and remember what crazy young kids in love you were … and what crazier kids in love you’ve become.

Aren’t Carrie’s eyes gorgeous??

LOVE this!

Again with the beautiful eyes… 

So fun!  Doesn’t this series make you want to be their friends?

Looking forward to seeing you both soon as your big adventure begins :).

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John Harder - These are great! And I am friends with them and they are great! I like to think that I had a little something to do with them getting together, but I won’t brag too much.

Oh, Internet… how I’ve missed you

Over the last few days, I’ve made several futile attempts to return emails using just my phone. While it’s a clever little device, productivity is HIGHLY limited when you type with just your thumbs. We suffered a bit of a setback over here, as many of you may have read from the previous post, when our main internet line was cut into a bagillion pieces early last week. Now, I knew I needed the internet, but once it was gone, I was amazed at just how BADLY I really did need it. My task list, which is still antiquated and handwritten on a piece of paper, went for days… DAYS, I tell you… without having one item checked off of it.

And then, like it was a miracle, the internet came back to us. Glory be! I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it, but we were headed out the door to a wedding. And just a few hours into the wedding, we heard the news that yet ANOTHER internet line had been cut in the construction progress taking place next door. How amazingly annoying!!

But at that moment, as I could just sense my emails piling up and tasks passing their due dates… I was strangely calm. And if you know me, you know that’s weird :). I place a high value on productivity and when I’m not productive, my world spins a little out of whack. But on that Saturday, I was happy. And it didn’t take me very long to figure out why. I was spending the day with a bride that I absolutely adore and it was just about the most fun I’ve had in a while. Honestly. Things were calm and relaxed and joyous… and I dig that. I looked at Jon, and instead of crying, I told him that there wasn’t anywhere else I’d rather be that day. I get to work next to the best second shooter in the world (who always makes time to grab me a coffee and pray for me on the wedding day), and we get to share the whole day with people that make my heart swell with love. I am so lucky to have this job.

Sometime mid-wedding, Jon got a text to let him know that our little section of the world once again had internet restored and all was well in the land of internet cable safety. And as I wade through a massive list of emails and tasks (all handwritten in blue on my notepad, just waiting to be crossed off), I have to admit that I’m a little stressed trying to complete everything in a timely manner. But I got a peak at a few photos from this weekend, and now I’m happy again :).

More to come soon from Tara and Adam’s beautiful day.

Brit - Cannot wait to see more!

Nicole - holy cow, love that dress…your job is so dreamy!

Tara and Adam :: Lots of Laughter, Part 1 » Lisa Hessel Photography Blog - […] saw a little sneak peak here and now prepare to feast your eyes upon the loveliness of Tara and Adam’s wedding day. […]

Confessions :: A contest winner and my disdain for technology today

My deepest apologies for the delay in posting the winner of yesterday’s contest… I have had one heck of a morning. I’ve always loved technology and how easy it makes my life, but today, it’s killing me. Let me tell ya about it…

So I started off the morning with my alarm going off at 4:45am…. that’s right. ME. I got up before the sun so I could go to a boot camp class, and as expected, I was none-too-pretty or delightful to be around at that hour. (I’ll be doing this camp 3 times a week for the next 60 days, so if you happen to come into contact with me before lunch and I’m in a foul mood, there’s your reason :)) After a hard workout, I got in my car and I thought a demon had possessed my radio. It was continually scanning backwards and forwards and beeping crazily. I tried everything, but it just wouldn’t stop! Well, actually it stopped for about 30 seconds of terror on a honky-tonk country station and my ears just about bled at the horrible musicianship. And my blinker… don’t even get me started on the strange blinking patterns I was getting for no apparent reason. I had myself convinced that there was a killer in the back of the car messing with back seat radio controls and he was trying to find the perfect song to murder me to…. see, I told you I watch too much TV :).

After I got home and showered and ate breakfast, I was surprised at how early it still was. I mean, I had already been up for over 2 hours and accomplished so much more than I normally would… it was like a miracle. So I set out to work and be as productive as I could possibly be. And then I saw this

Just what I did NOT want to see. The internet was out. Not just the wireless, but the ethernet connect as well. Crazy. So I spent an hour with my friendly IT guy trying to figure out what the problem was. Nothing was working, though. I watched the minutes tick by, knowing that I had yet to complete even one task and that my emails were certainly already piling into a small mountain.

Another 15 minutes went by and my friendly IT guy wasn’t able to find a problem in our connection, so he gave one of his co-workers a call, who immediately directed our attention outside. To this:

Ah yes. Construction vehicles. The bane of my existence. There is some massive construction going on in the lot next to us and they inadvertently cut straight through our internet line. Apparently, the internet line disturbance was so severe that it needs to be totally re-run, so we may not have internet until the end of the week. I literally fought back tears as my friendly IT guy relayed the message. It was a little embarrassing, but the tears definitely almost fell. Almost.

So, because I really really need the internet to do much of my work, I made my way up to the closest coffee house offering free wi-fi. As I approached the building, I noticed a huge crowd of people behind me and in front of me. There was some sort of grand celebration going on at the coffee house, complete with music, cheerleaders, balloons and lots and lots of people. Not wanting to waste anymore time, I persevered and fought my way through the crowd and found a spot to claim my free internet.

So here I sit, distracted by all the festivities, but enjoying the free wi-fi nonetheless. I only have a limited time to use it, though, so I’m sitting here typing pretty furiously and quite loudly… it’s actually kind of embarrassing how much noise I’m making on my keyboard. Technology… I swear, you’re great most of the time, but when you fail me, my world turns a little on edge. But enough about me…

And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for…. THE WINNER!! Thank you all so much for taking part in the conversation about TV. I love that I’m not the only one out there who isn’t ashamed to admit my not-so-secret love for the television, and it’s quite evident that many of you have great taste in television. I asked a random passerby to choose a number between 1 and 30 at random to determine the winning commenter and the winner is….


Lindsay, I’ll be emailing you shortly with your iTunes giftcard. Well, if I still have an internet connection, that is :).

And a note to all my clients and anyone who may have emailed me within the last 24 hours:
I am doing my best to answer emails on my phone as they arrive, but typing with my thumbs definitely takes, um, A LOT more time than actually typing, so please excuse my tardy responses :).

Lindsay - Holy cow! I am procrastinating doing a last-minute review for my exam tonight, so I thought….maybe I won..(I never win anything!) – haha! Perhaps my luck is turning around! I’ll use the new tunes to run the 13.1 this weekend. Thanks!!!!!!!