Sean and Lauren :: Married

November 18, 2011

It was clear after seeing the thoughtfulness and creativity they showed during their engagement session that Sean and Lauren were going to have a beautiful wedding.  And after Lauren sent me the quite clever save the date stop motion video that Sean had crafted, I knew we were really in for a treat as their wedding approached.  And I know it goes without saying, but they did not disappoint.

two things I really love here:  On the left, there’s the beautiful hand-tied bouquet (believe me, you’ll be seeing more of that soon) from the ever-fab Melinda at Les Bouquets.  And on the right, be still my heart…. Sean made Lauren a pop-up book for the day that he proposed which chronicled their relationship through pop-ups.  His creativity is amazing, clearly.  The last page is a pop-up of him proposing to Lauren and it could not be more adorable. 

I heart this banner.  And it has definitely given me some ideas that I’ll incorporate into my Christmas decor this year.

I love ladies in the same tone, but different dress designs. And men in charcoal suits. And those beautiful flowers.  And Lauren and Sean.

Seriously, Lauren.  Seriously.  Amazing.  And I’m so jealous of her alabaster skin… without a tan, I just look kinda sad, but Lauren looks purely lovely sans tan.

Love the light here.


Prepare yourself for a few beautiful, pinterest pin-worthy reception details that Jon captured so well.  This first set is one of my favorite details.  Their guestbook consisted of strips of colorful paper and wine bottles.  Guests were asked to write a note, advice, well-wishes, or the like on a paper strip, roll it up, and place it in one of the bottles.  The top bottle with their names was opened that night.  The rest of the bottles will be opened on their anniversary corresponding with the number on the bottle.  Love.  And ps, had I thought of this clever idea for my own wedding, those miiiight have sat there unopened for approximately 8 days or however long my honeymoon lasted.  I’m just a wee bit impatient.

C’mon.  you’re killing me with that cake topper.  Adorable. 

And before the sun set, we had just a few minutes with the newlyweds.  

I could have posted a whole page of dancing photos… it was quite the party and Jon, as usual, captured some great moments.  

Lauren and Sean, you’re obviously so very creative and I adore that about you both.  Even more, though, you’re both so great to be around.  Your friends and family clearly could not love you more, and the way you love each other will last well past the anniversary when you open that very last bottle full of well-wishes.  Thank you so much for trusting us enough to document such a lovely event and reserving a seat at table full of delightful dinner company.  We enjoyed ourselves immensely from start to finish.



Photography: Lisa Hessel Photography

Ceremony and Reception Venue: Wine Country Gardens

Flowers: Les Bouquets

Invitation and Paper Good Design: Sean and Lauren (but of course)

DJ: A Rockin’ DJ Jimmy Hussey


[…] Images Sourced from; First three images sourced from Branco Prata | Kids Love Letters | Next three images from Brosnan Photographic | Lisa Hessel Photography […]

Your couples always have the coolest style. I can’t imagine how much fun you have shooting them! Loved those sticks with the cheerful words and all of the details! The flowers… swoon. Great job Lisa!

Mama Z

Could we please just do this day all over again? It was so much fun and so very pretty in all regards…….

What a beautiful wedding, I love all the details – especially the invitations. Sean and Lauren, you two looked great!

Also, I could tell the flowers were Melinda’s work before I even read the credit. Her work is fantastic.

You’re right…so many “Pin-tastic” details here! Simply lovely, all of it. 🙂

Gorgeous! I knew Lauren would do a fabulous job with their details, and she absolutely did. Beautiful!

Gorgeous Lisa!

The details are just stunning! As are the couple! Beautiful Photos!

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