Big words and Bissingers

February 28, 2013

Watching my little guys grow up is incredible for a lot of reasons, but one of the things I love best about my little 4 year-old right now is the fact that he’s really curious about vocabulary and learning the definitions of words.  He got this set of big word flashcards for Christmas, and he’s already able to use words like persnickety, odoriferous, and borborygmos in conversation.

Impressive, i know.

But my favorite thing that little Kaden is saying right now is behold. We’ll be driving along, me in the front with my hands at ten and two (because I’m just safe like that), and Kaden in the back humming along with the radio.  And all of a sudden, he’ll say “Behold, a starbucks!” or “Behold!  The fancy mall!” That’s what he calls Plaza Frontenac.  He likes to pop in, play for a bit with the trains at Lululemon and then grab a treat from Bissingers.  Clearly, I’m raising a little guy with good taste and an expanding vocabulary.

I just love that kid.


And he can already count to 100. Genius I tell ya!


leave it to my bestie to doubt the English major :). Here’s your proof:

Sarah Proemsey

Too cute! But I don’t believe you that those are real words. 😉

Jenny Gravatt

Haha, that is adorable! He is just the cutest little guy ever. Tell him Miss Jenny says Hi!



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