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Proscuitto wrapped tomato basil eggs

My family has been doing our best to eat a really clean diet since the first of the year, and, surprisingly, we’ve actually been sticking with it about 90% of the time (the other 10% of the time I spend eating cake balls and chocolate covered oreos).  We’ve learned a lot about food prep and […]

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Palatable Paleo

So I’ve been trying my darndest to eat a paleo diet, and I always know I can count on my friend Nicole to pass along the yummiest recipes.  She made these scrumptious muffins while I was at her house photographing her cute little family, and I just HAD to pass it along.  Even if you’re not […]

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Film Is Not Dead. And neither am I.

Whenever I tell people that I’m a photographer, it never fails.  People always say, “Oh you must have a TON  of cute pictures of your little boy!”  I always laugh and make some corny joke. But the truth is…. I don’t. —- Just fair warning, this post may be a bit word-heavy. And by “a […]

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