Sweet Emma Rose

“Miracles are a retelling in small letters of the very same story which is written across the whole world in letters too large for some of us to see.”

– C. S. Lewis


The story of how sweet Emma Rose came to belong to Brooke and Blake is nothing short of incredible.  During the process of attempting an international adoption, Brooke and Blake were told that they would no longer be able to adopt from Taiwan due to a complex set of new laws that would make international adoption nearly impossible.  Even so, they received a phone call just a few months later asking them to take part in a pilot case where they would attempt to adopt under these new restrictions. Nothing was certain except for the fact that their journey would be long.  And bumpy.  Very, very bumpy.

And then it happened.  After a relatively smooth couple of months, Blake and Brooke traveled halfway across the world to meet their little girl for the first time. I’ve had several friends who have adopted internationally, and all have told stories of one, two, or sometimes more trips abroad to meet the child and go to court in the country of origin before actually bringing their child home.  But with sweet Emma Rose, things were a little bit different.  A good kind of different.  Brooke stayed in Taiwan for 8 weeks – yes EIGHT weeks – and lived in the orphanage with several other volunteers.  She served long days, caring for all the children that lived in the orphanage. And she got to be with sweet Emma every single day.  And then on Thanksgiving day, she returned home.  With Emma Rose.

Emma was the first baby to leave Taiwan under the full impetus of the new laws.

She’s a miracle in every sense.

Welcome home, baby Emma. We are all so happy you are here.

Sara Hubbard - Just when I thought I couldn’t be more baby crazy… What a beautiful session and story and (most of all) baby girl! The close-up of her hands and feet? I didn’t know so much squishy cuteness could be captured in one tiny photo. Amazing work as always, Lisa!

Carrie Chapman - I already knew this story and still got goosebumps reading about it. Then I got more goosebumps looking at these photos. Lisa, your work is amazing. Emma, you are simply one of the most precious things on this planet.

shirley franklin - what a beautiful story about Baby Emma and the pictures are so neat. Lisa You did another great job with the pictures!!!

Katie Gaeta - Oh my gosh!! That have me goosebumps and I teared up. What a sweet sweet story for an even sweeter baby. Love!!

Brooke - Thank you, Lisa!!! We love love love the photos you took!

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