Lindsay and Nate

Oh man. I’ve put off writing this for weeks because I get all teary when I think about it.


If I shot your wedding during the last two or three years, chances are, you’ve probably met Lindsay.  We first met Lindsay while she was in college studying to get her education degree. And when I started looking for a photography assistant, she was instantly my top choice! She selflessly assisted me during hot summer weddings and freezing winter sessions, smiling all the way and toting around all the bags I love to have with me, you know,  just in case.  She’s filled in as a hair stylist during one winter wedding while the stylist was running late, she helped coordinate an event when the planners left a few hours early, and she proved to be one of the best city drivers we’ve seen. All this while helping me tremendously, especially while I was pregnant with this guy.

And that wasn’t all. Lindsay quickly became one of my kiddos’ favorite babysitters.  I still have a whole bunch of videos that this guy recorded of himself on my iPad while he was having the time of life laughing with Lindsay and her husband. AND, every week, Lindsay came to our community group to play with our brood of crazy kids while we had Bible study.

But this is bittersweet.

Sweet because I just love this sweet girl.  Sweet because she quickly became a fixture in our lives in oh so many capacities. Sweet because her smile is kind of infectious (you’ll see). Sweet because I have so many memories of working with her and watching her own photography talent grow.

And bitter because just a few weeks ago, Lindsay and her husband Nate packed up their life in the midwest and headed south for a new adventure. To those that knew them well, there’s a hole here.  Every time I would see Lindsay during her last weeks here, she’d say “Do you think this is the last time I’ll see you?” And I’d say “Nah, we’ll see each other again before you leave.” Partly because I really did think we’d probably see each other one more time. But mostly because I just didn’t want to say goodbye. Goodbyes suck.

But there is more sweetness still as I think about the exciting times in front of them.

Before they left, I got to shoot a few photos of the two of them on a blissfully humidity-free midwest afternoon.  How often does that happen?!? Lindsay is a budding photographer, so I was planning on taking a few head shots for her new website, but we decided to turn the session into a little anniversary session as well.  

Lindsay, you’re missed in so so many ways.  Thank you for everything.  EVERYTHING. And we’ll see ya soon :).

Grandpa Cameron - Thanks Lisa for the nice words about our granddaughter. And thanks for investing in her future and in her present. There are few like you in this world. We appreciate you and are glad that Lindsay had you in her life. Our children and grandchildren will sing songs about you around their campfires in the coming years. May God bless you and yours for generations.

Kendra - How sweet this post is and what a beautiful job of describing my sweet friend. 🙂

Carrie C. - Lindsay is beautiful. This post is beautiful. She is missed by The Chapman clan too!

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