Laura and Scott :: The Studio Inn at St. Albans

September 28, 2013


Every once in a while, we hop in the car and drive to Webster Groves for dessert. It is, after all, the city that is home to the two best desserts on the planet.  The first is, obviously, the caramel brioche bread pudding from Cyrano’s.  Have you tried if?  If not, you should cancel your plans and go. It’s the best cheat meal ever. You know what else on the planet is like it?  Nothing.  Nothing at all.  Simply the most wonderful thing God has created.

Or so I thought. Then I was introduced to Serendipity Homemade Ice cream.

Serendipity’s Salty Carmel ice cream (in a freshly made waffle cone) is quite possibly the only thing I’ve ever eaten that has made me stray from my tried-and-true favorite bread pudding. They are neck and neck in the race to be my most favorite of foods. So I guess I am destined to submit them to further testing by frequenting both places more often to declare a true winner. It sounds like a tough job, but I’m willing to take one for the team here.

The thing about the salty carmel ice cream that really is amazing … is the salt and the caramel. I know this sounds obvious, but the salt is good quality and REALLY salty (but not TOO salty), and the carmel is good quality and is REALLY sweet and carmel-ly (but not too sweet… and could anything really ever be to carmel-ly? Um, clearly the answer is no). I have tried many many kinds of salty carmel ice cream and most of them honestly taste like sweet vanilla with little or no saltiness, and they disappoint me to the brink of tears (Hi. My name is Lisa and I have a dessert addiction). Both the salty and sweet in Serendipity’s concoction are incredible on their own. But together? Oh my.  Oh my my.  It’s good enough to make me eat kale salad for days to save up my calories for a 25 minute drive past at least 5 or 6 perfectly good ice cream stores to get that perfectly sweet treat with just the right amount of saltiness from Serendipity.

And that’s just exactly how I would describe Scott and Laura.

Individually, they are quite wonderful people.  They’re both accomplished and confident and warm and kind and creative and just downright delightful to be around. But together… Oh my.  Oh my my. They’re even better together. I saw them individually before the ceremony, but when they came together, they were more alive. And I think that’s what it means to be in love. The combination of their talent and humor and kindness made an impact on me, and I’m certain they’ll continue sharpening each other for as long as they live.

I have so many more words to describe all the lovely things I adored about Scott and Laura and their wedding day, but since I quit my job as a writer many many years ago to become a photographer, I think I’ll show you the story instead.

These invitations are not only classically beautiful, but very personal.  Scott and Laura had a hand in creating this suite. Literally.  They spent a great deal of time using a nearly 100 year old letterpress to press each and every one of their invitations by hand. A true labor of love.  I love that they embraced this beautiful art form to create something so personal and lovely.

This asymmetrical bouquet made me swoon.

Beautiful vintage postcards severed as the guestbook.  Have love, will travel.  Love it.

seriously how cute are they?

Oh Laura.  What a dream.

So during one of the most epic best man speeches there maybe ever has been, the guests were instructed to read aloud together a very philosophical quote that was taped beneath their chairs.  The crowd erupted in laughter and applause. [I may or may not have had to ask my husband for an explanation… I clearly missed out on some very important films  from the 80s]


Laura’s dad and childhood friends performed a live set near the end of the reception.  And again, the crowd erupted with applause.

Photography: Lisa Hessel Photography with Jon Hessel and Blake Dell  |  Ceremony and Reception: The Studio Inn at St. Albans  | Coordination: Cosmopolitan Events  | Floral design: Les Bouquets  |  Reception Musicians: Accolade  |  Stationery: Julia Louie and Rachael Staenberg  | Hair: Lemon Spalon  |  Markup: Make-up Artistry by A & C   |  Cake: the Cakery |  Video: Captured in Frames

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