Kevin and Stacie :: Married

The first time I photographed Stacie and Kevin, we met at the City Museum for an engagement session.  As we made our way inside, fire alarms began to blare and people poured from the building out into the streets.  We’re still not sure what was going on that day in the City Museum, but we decided to wander around the streets downtown rather than venture up into the building.  Which, really, worked out pretty great because it gave us more time to photograph their sweet dog Marley.

And on their wedding day, I’m pleased to announce that there were no fire alarms, no angry mobs, no clouds in the sky, and no threat of rain.  The day was pretty much perfect… full of beautiful details, classic romance, and even a little surprise during the reception.

It was a great day.  See for yourself.

Wedding day shoes don’t have to hurt. I love it that Stacie choose comfort AND fashion.  And, I’d be willing to bet that she’s worn these shoes since her wedding day, and when they slip onto her feet, I’ll bet she remembers putting them on for the first time.

In a quite moment, Stacie stole away and wrote a few words to Kevin before the ceremony. And she looked stunning doing so, I might add.

Adorable flower girls melt my heart

I love the streets.  I love the city.  I love Kevin and Stacie.  That is all.

such a seriously beautiful combination of blooms. 

These two are my faves. 

Love this.  Stacie, you are beautiful.

perfect pine cone place cards at the Whitmoor Country Club

At one point in the evening, Stacie grabbed the microphone from the DJ and said to her guests, ” I’m so sorry, but I’ve got something to say.  Kevin, I’ve met someone else. And here he is.”

Always a hit with the ladies, that Fredbird. 

Stacie and Kevin, I couldn’t have asked for a more enjoyable couple to spend an enjoyable day with.  You are delightful and I hope you delight each other for years to come :).

Brit - Loving these photos. Also, I think you hold the record for most weddings photographed with Fred Bird. Honestly.

Stacie - Lisa, you are AMAZING!! Love, Love, Love!! 🙂

Lauren - I love me some Lisa Hessel Photos!!! 🙂

Christine - Those purple shoes are perfect with her flowers. Love it!

Aliece - So pretty! the flowers are gorgeous!

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