Kate+Ryan…. and Ellie, too

Sigh.  When a dancer is pregnant, she’s bound to be gorgeous.  Case in point: Kate.  Check her out.  GORGEOUS.

Kate and Ryan are going to be fabulous parents.  And I do mean fabulous.  The first time I met Kate, we were both volunteering in the children’s ministry at our church, and all the kids just LOVED her.  I remember sitting back for a second and just watching her and learning from her.  She’s quite amazing indeed.

Ok, suffice it to say, this is my favorite series of maternity photos ever.  EVER. 

Kate, motherhood already looks good on you :).  Congrats to you and Ryan, and I can’t wait to meet Ellie!

Kate - Lisa, you are truly amazing! We are SO grateful for your talents and your friendship!

Tali - Your photos of my niece and nephew, Kate and Ryan, and their baby-on-the-way, are absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for writng the very sweet things that you did!

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