Gabe and Rachael :: in style and engaged

I had met Rachael at a few weddings that I shot in previous years, and each time I talked with her was a treat.  She’s super creative and adorable, and when she told me that she wanted to a vintage picnic theme for her engagement shoot, I nearly jumped for joy!  We found a great location and Rachael set to work putting together a bevy of fun vintage details and diy projects.  As I walked across the field to meet Rachael and Gabe for their shoot, I got a glimpse of the vintage picnic and I’ll admit it… I got a little giddy.

Handmade paper windmills, hand-painted vintage tea cups, weathered books… love it!

Aren’t they sweet

And what picnic would be complete without strawberries?Rachael and Gabe, you two are fabulous.  FABULOUS.  And I just can’t wait for your wedding this August!

Kelly Park - love creative clients, these are fabulous Lisa 🙂

Lynsey T - I cannot get over how cute their idea for a vintage picnice is! Love this session!

Elizabeth Pratt - Yay! When Rachie told me about this vintage picnic idea I couldn’t wait to see it. Love it!

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