Dave and Laura :: Engaged!!

During the spring in St. Louis, you never know just what to expect.  It could be sunny and 70, and the next day you could get near freezing temps with flurries.  Well, a few weeks ago, that’s exactly what I found myself shooting in… a beautiful sunny and 70 degree day for Rachel and Dave’s engagement shoot and then the very next day we had a near freezing temps with some oh-so-cold precipitation for DAve and Laura’s session.  I wore the same flip-flops to both shoots.  Footwear choice fail:).

When Laura and Dave scheduled their engagement shoot, we were pretty limited on dates because they live outside of St. Louis and would only be in town for a limited amount of time.  So when it started on raining on the day of their shoot, we were literally left with no choice but shoot their session in the rain, which, by the way, I have absolutely no problem with.  In fact, I quite enjoy the challenge :).

I’ve shot quite a few sessions in the rain and as a wedding photographer, you have to be prepared to shoot in whatever weather you’re dealt.  I’ve developed a few tips on shooting photos in the rain, should you be faced with a similar situation :).

One key to getting great photos in the rain is to carefully choose a location that is covered but still has a great source of  natural light.  In Laura and Dave’s shoot, we decided to meet at the World’s Fair Pavilion at Forest Park because the structure is quite large, but has huge archways which let in beautiful light, as you’ll see in the photos.

Another key to getting great photos in the rain is to bring a good attitude :).  Check out Dave’s mad jumping skills.  I could have posted a dozen of these shots because we had him jump over and over and over again… it was great :).  And Dave had a great attitude, which of course, made this shot loads of fun for us all.

Aren’t they adorable???  I love these two :).

This little guy showed up towards the end of the shoot.  I heart well-behaved dogs.

And there’s more of that fun I was talking about :).

Bringing an umbrella is another thing to remember when shooting in the rain.  I had this golf umbrella in my car, which worked great.  If you’re brining an umbrella to the shoot, I’d suggest bringing a large, solid-colored umbrella if possible.

Thanks, Laura and Dave, for being so great to work with amidst the weather.  Can’t wait to see you again in June!

Brit - Love the light in these – even though it rained!

And, also love all of the LARGE images on the new blog!

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