Really, really ridiculously good looking…

In the midst of all the rain and cold and unpleasant climate we experienced this October, there were just a few days that were nothing short of lovely. And the day I shot Tiffany and Ryan’s engagement session was just one of those days. The clouds were thick and heavy during the morning and early afternoon, but as the time for their shoot drew nearer, the sun broke through and gave us warm, soft light, which always makes this photographer smile:). Tiffany and Ryan are really really ridiculously good looking, and I have so many favorites, so brace yourselves…

See what I mean? Really really ridiculously good looking.  Definitely one of my faves.

Bella came along for a few shots. I love well-behaved dogs who sit and stay when you tell them to sit and stay. Maybe Bella needs to hang out with my dog Stella for a few days so she can teach Stella how to not be so hyper….

Love this

Two of my faves right here…

Ah, fall colors in the midwest

I know I keep saying this… but this is another favorite.

Tiffany and Ryan :: Part 1 » Lisa Hessel Photography Blog - […] just going to go ahead and say it:  these two are so really really ridiculously good looking that there’s no way I can contain all the ridiculousness in one post.  So get ready for it. […]

Tara and Adam :: Engagement Guestbook

I LOVED LOVED LOVED this session! I met up with Tara and Adam last fall at New Town in St. Charles for some engagement photos, and just love these two :). They were so laid back and easy to work with… just what I love in an engagement session :). Here are a few of my favorites:

New Town has such a variety of architecture and scenery to photograph, but I was especially drawn to the farm area on the outskirts of town.

Love these next two. Tara, you are gorgeous!

I did an engagement guestbook album for Tara and Adam, and I was thrilled with the way it turned out. When clients choose to do an engagement guestbook, I always get a little giddy because engagement photos + signatures = a great coffee table book and conversation piece that can be enjoyed for years after the wedding is over.

The outside of the book has a photo cover from edge to edge, making even the cover a customized piece.

The spine is also customizable with names and wedding date.

The pages are cut down the middle, which allows the spread to lay flat. Definitely convenient for guests as they sign the pages.

One of my favorite spreads :). All the spreads have extra white space for your guests to use as a guestbook.

To see a slideshow of their complete album, click here.

Brit and Brady :: Engaged

Brit is one of those brides who really, really understands weddings. I mean, she’s on the cutting edge of trends in every genre, she loves all the details, and she has some really brilliant ideas. When we first met, I could tell right away that she was going to be a dream to work with and would no doubt have an incredible wedding. And then I found her blog. Known to her readers as the Landlocked Bride, Brit regularly provides excellent inspiration and ideas for brides-to-be. Her blog has a wealth of information for all things wedding, and I read it quite regularly :). You should check her out. No really, check it out. Now. Go. You’ll be inspired fo sho.

And not too long ago, Brit also became a featured blogger on If you’ve not checked out this site before, you absolutely must. It’s a great resource for brides, as well as a place to be inspired and glean wisdom from recent brides. Brit is known on the Bee as Miss Argyle, and in typical Brit fashion, she’s fabulous :).

If their engagement photos are any indication of the loveliness that will be their wedding day, I think we’re all in for a treat:).

We started the day off underneath a blanket of clouds in downtown St. Charles. The weatherman promised the clouds would break, but it wasn’t looking likely. Luckily, Brit’s dog Katie didn’t seem to mind

Brit told me that saying “Christmas Tree” would perk Katie right up. She was right :).

After a quick outfit change, we headed over to Creve Coeur Park. And as we drove, it looked like the weatherman might know what he was talking about…

And then the golden sun peeked out from behind the clouds, just in the nick of time.

How fabulous are these balloons? I love when clients take initiative and incorporate beautiful, meaningful, or downright fun things into their session.

Gorgeous soft light+a beautiful couple+love=this lovely

How cute is Brit’s ruffled blouse? I love love love it.  In fact, I became a bit obsessed with getting one for myself shortly after this shoot.  Every time I was at the Galleria, I’d stop by J. Crew, but they were ALWAYS out of my size or color.  I still pop in the store, hoping hoping hoping they will have just one left.. just for me. Brit and Brady, I can’t wait to see what you cook up for your wedding :).

As always, more on facebook.


You know those days where you feel like you need to be inspired and renewed and just plain alive again? I feel like that every so often, and I always find myself waiting for inspiration to come along. But it usually doesn’t. And I think that’s because sometimes you have to go looking for it. Finding inspiration isn’t really a passive gesture.

This year, I’ve determined to chase after what makes me feel alive, and for photography, that means pursuing personal projects for the sake of inspiration. There’s nothing that makes my artistic heart beat wildly as much as capturing a beautiful story with my camera.

But sometimes it’s nice to try something a little different.