Sami and Clay :: Engaged

I’m not sure what I love about this session more… Sami’s blue shoes, the perfectly soft light that they’re walking into, or the fact that I get to photograph these two again on their wedding day. It was sheer delight to spend the end of the day with these two, and I’m overjoyed that their wedding is really just around the corner!




Meaghan and Brandon :: Engaged

I’ve spent most of my life hating mornings.  Not because I hate the sunrise or the quiet or the stillness.  Mostly because I just love sleeping so much.  (Can I get an amen?)

But over the last few years, as life has gotten increasingly and wonderfully full, those quiet early morning hours have slowly become the hours that I can’t wait for. It’s really quite a miracle, if you know me well. The chill in the air makes for an even quicker morning jog, and the quiet in my house in the morning makes me doubly as productive. And the sun when it’s just peeking over the horizon… that’s the best.  It makes me breathe a little deeper and always gives me pause to take in the beauty of the world coming awake.

I’ve often given my clients the option of a sunrise session precisely because of that beautiful morning light, and during certain times of the year, it’s a little easier to be up that early because of the time of sunrise.  Just before daylight savings time, the sun really isn’t even up until around 7:30, which isn’t TOO terribly early. And this year, I had quite a few of my lovely clients take me up on the offer to shoot a sunrise engagement session. Meaghan and Brandon were one of the couples I shot at dawn this fall. And I. Adore. This. Session.



The morning light just can’t be beat.  And, um, how great is Meaghan’s hair??




Jaclyn and David :: Engaged

Photographing sessions in new places is like a breath of fresh air to my creative soul. And David and Jaclyn picked just the perfect place on the perfect day.


Since David and Jaclyn got engaged on a golf course, it was only fitting that we took some photos on the golf course.  Quite the lovely and lush golf course, might I add.


That beautiful fall sunlight right at sunset… it’s my fave.