Tara and Adam :: Lots of Laughter, Part 1

Every time I sat down at the computer to work on Tara and Adam’s wedding images, I found that my cheeks were always a little sore from all the smiling.  From the moment I stepped in the door to Tara’s home on her wedding day, everyone around me was all smiles.  No stress.  Not a hint of a bridezilla anywhere.  Lots of excitement and anticipation. That’s just what I like to see on a wedding day.

You saw a little sneak peak here and now prepare to feast your eyes upon the loveliness of Tara and Adam’s wedding day.  Well, the first part of the loveliness, that is…. the favorites folder is once again overflowing, so I’ll have to divide this into two posts.  Again.  Seems to be a common theme this year…

Love these shoes!

Tara’s sister designed all the stationery and printed pieces for the wedding and did a quite fabulous job.

Dori from Main Street Salon came to Tara’s home and did hair for the wedding party and mothers and it turned out great. Really, she’s awesome.  I secretly hoped she have a little extra time and hairspray and would offer to help me with my hair :).

This won’t be the last time you see this little guy :).

Adam getting ready for the main event

I love watching the moments when the bride and groom exchange gifts, especially when they are so well thought out.  Tara wanted to get Adam a gift that would be a total surprise and something he would really love… and it was a complete success.  Adam yelled “I’m going to College Station!” Two tickets to the Mizzou v. A&M game.  Perfection.

And Adam did equally as well with his gift… a new iPod, which matched the green wedding color scheme perfectly.

Check out this guy… just a toddler but already rocking the iPhone.

I’ll be honest… I have no idea what’s going on here, but it made me laugh.  Jon was with the men during the first portion of the day and he snagged this shot while the groomsmen took Adam outside with the videographer.

Beautiful flowers by Tina Barrera

How beautiful is Tara?  I love that final moment when the dress is just about ready

One of my favs.

Jon grabbed this shot from the balcony at Covenant Presbyterian Church.

Tara and Adam are so loved by their family and friends.


More to come tomorrow!!

Dennis Bullock - Wonderful….I love that church!

Brit - Love her green shoes! Cannot wait to see more! Beautiful work as always lady 🙂

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Laura and Nick

I met the ever-popular Laura and Nick at Lafayette Square one evening… every time we turned a corner, we ran into someone else that Laura and Nick knew! I had a lot of fun with these two.  and now on to the favorites!

Would you believe this was taken in an alley next to a dumpster? If there’s good light, that’s where we’ll go.

Love how beautiful these two are together

love me some soft, beautiful light

Isn’t she gorgeous :)?looking forward to your wedding this summer!

Spring Family Sessions :: Sunset Loveliness

How cute is this family?  Little Blake seriously could not be more adorable!

Melt my heart

I love his little finger by his cheek. precious

Ok, so you may have noticed that Blake did SUCH a good job smiling in all his photos.  Well, I have to give credit where credit is due…. Blake’s aunt Tiffany (who you may remember from this post), came along and did a ridiculously good job of entertaining the little guy. 

As we wrapped up the shoot and chatted a bit about Tiffany and Ryan’s upcoming wedding, Blake wandered over to this bench and the scenery, just like a little man. 

Brandi Siess - Thank you Lisa! You’re work is absolutely AMAZING! I can’t stop staring at the pictures. :^D

Brandi Siess - Thank you so much Lisa, your work is AMAZING!!!! I just can’t stop looking at our pictures! :^D

Family Sessions :: a husband, a wife, and a beautiful spring day

I first met Brandi when I photographed her sister’s wedding a few years ago. It was so great to be able to shoot a session with Brandi and her husband during my family sessions earlier this spring.  I think that having photos to celebrate your current stage of life is a marvelous idea, and I’m glad I had the opportunity to photograph these two.

Brandi asked for a photo of her husband for her desk… something I think we all should have :).

Dennis Bullock - Gorgeous work Lisa!

Family Sessions :: Spring Cuties

Ok, so how cute is this family?!?

They did such a great job of coordinating outfits… love the spring colors

Love me some baby faux hawks


Such a little beauty


Carrie - Those last 2 are simply divine! Love em.

Kathy - What a good looking family. 😉 Thanks again, Lisa! My brother and SIL were over the moon about how these turned out.