Amy and Brett (and their nugget)

I’ve always really admired couples who can wait until the moment of their baby’s birth before finding out the gender.  I mean, that takes a whole lot of resolve because there are many many visits to the doctor after that first ultrasound and you really could find out at any time by simply asking your doctor.  I don’t think I could be so disciplined.  I think  if Jon and I had decided not to find out the gender of our babies, I would def ask my doctor to spill the beans when Jon wasn’t looking. ‘Cause I’m just sneaky like that.

But not Amy and Brett.  It’s just about time for their little baby to be born and they are patiently awaiting the surprise.  And instead of calling their baby an “it,” they regularly refer to the their baby as the nugget.  Which I think is adorable.


I shot Amy and Brett’s wedding a few years ago, and it was such a pleasure to photograph them as they enter this new stage of life.  And you may remember that Amy is a runner… well, she’s already got her jogging stroller ready to go and her next few races have already been registered.  She is my hero.
Amy and Brett, I adore you both.  And I can’t wait to meet your little nugget (who I am sure is a boy, btw).

Gail Walker, Grandma to be - Lisa, once again, beautiful photos! Thank you so much.

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