lisa profileWeddings have always been it for me.

Not too long ago, I spent some time visiting with my grandmother. As she usually does, she talked about the past and how life is so different now than it was so many years before I was born. .  She’s quite the feisty little Italian-cookie-making lady, and I found myself wondering what she had been like when she was my age, wishing I had known her back then . Even though I had seen it several times before, I pulled out my grandparents wedding album that night, and looked through each page, lingering on every photo. Those 25 photos gave me such a lovely insight into what Grandma Marie was feeling on the happiest day of her life and the special love that my grandparents shared.

And that’s what I aim to provide: timeless beauty, captured with care and preserved for generations to come.

I studied both film and digital photography simultaneously, and as a result, I’m still shooting weddings with both today.  Medium format film has such a classic beauty and depth, and it has truly changed the way I see light and the approach I take when photographing my subjects.

When I’m not shooting weddings, my days are filled with lots of cooking, loving on my sweet little boys, and spending time with quite possibly the most wonderful human God has ever created (His name is Jon.  He’s my husband. He really is the best).   And, let’s be honest, on my day off you might also find me perusing a selection of cupcakes and inevitably eating said cupcake(s).  This, of course, would be promptly followed by a guilty trip to the gym where I am a really {REALLY} terrible, yet faithful, crossfitter.  And then, I’d  probably spend at least an hour trying to justify grabbing just one more cupcake…

If you’re planning a wedding, I’d love to have a cup of coffee (…or cupcake) with you.  Drop me line here, and we can grab a latte and chat.